How Do I Shot Drum? - More Recording

So, the other thing I do, apart from having a family and taking pictures of toys and trying to train my drawing skills and work 40 hours a week...is drum for local SD bands.  A lot.  This weekend, my band Cotton the Machine hit the studio, and I'm pretty excited about the results so far.  We will probably finish 11 tracks in about a month, and I will be sure to post here when it's done.

I also have an album coming soon from The Secret Seven, the drum tracks for which I recorded a couple months ago.  Two disparate rock bands, two albums...I am a blessed man.

I am hopeful Invictus will return next week.  Stay Tuned!


Invictus - Page 19 and the end of Act 1

Act 1 ends here.  I'm excited about where this is going, and I hope you are, too.  Stay tuned - Invictus has just begun!


Invictus - Page 18

Did anyone read the Fantastic Four?  I always appreciated when the artist drew Sue Storm as a translucent figure when she turned invisible.  How easy would it be to cop and and draw nothing?  Pretty easy, I imagine.  Sorry the post is kinda late, but I again got caught up in life and left editing till the last minute.  But I think the results speak for themselves.