The Trouble Shooters - A Modern Adventure Team

Last night, I purchased one of the last sets of the Adventure Team Leader and Dr. Venom from the GI Joe Club store - There were 16 sets when I made my purchase, and none this morning.  I guess a lot of folks had the same idea.

The fact is, I'm a fan of the Adventure Team concept, if not necessarily the execution...I'm more of the mind that an Adventure Team should be like the group of geniuses and men-of-action that followed the great Doc Savage around back in the 20's and 30's.  So, inspired by the great kit-bashes of Monte Williams, I present The Trouble Shooters!

I hope to be able to do another dio in the future with these guys, completely unrelated to GI Joe - something a bit more "my own".  That includes modifying the Trouble Shooters to be more their own, and less obviously an amalgamation of parts.  However, Invictus is my first priority, dio-story wise, so until then, meet the (tentative) team and let me know what you think below.

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