More Art - and a recording update

This is a test of the first page of a project I hope to have fully underway in a couple months.  I'll probably have to do a couple revisions of each page before I'm fully satisfied, but I feel like I'm finally on the right track.

Invictus is kicking my ass - in that, I have big plans, but not a lot of time to execute.  Mainly because my "sets" are off-site.  I have some vacation coming up, and I hope to get the next act filmed during that time.  Be assured, I haven't given up, and seeing a post by Justin at Generals Joes today, I'm even more inspired to get back to it.  Ah, life.

Finally, I'm hip-deep in co-producing the new album by my band Cotton the Machine.  We should have it out near the beginning of the new year, but feel free to like us on FB and check out our recent live videos to get a feel for what we're doing.

Thanks, folks, for visiting regularly.  I know I've been silent, but it's encouraging to see that people are taking a minute to stop in and see what's what.

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