What the Heck is Up with Invictus? (And who cares...?)

Another post to tell anyone that's listening - I haven't abandoned Invictus yet, but time has abandoned me.  Since the year began, I've been struggling to decide how to proceed with the numerous artistic projects I've taken on, and frankly, it's drawn me out thin like an overstretched rubber-band.  Comic Con is coming up, and with no Invictus pages, and no comic pages of any sort, I'm feeling rather bummed.

However, that's not to say I've been lazy.  The bands roll on - Cotton the Machine is putting the finishing touches on our new album.  The record I did with The Secret Seven is almost done, save for mastering .  In fact, you can listen to it right here. Check out "How to Imitate Thunder. 
I've also managed to do some prose writing for a local performance group called So Say We ALL.  My last story was all about collecting GI Joes, so...there is that.

Probably most difficult; On February 28th, my dad passed away from a massive stroke.  It wasn't unexpected, but it was sudden, and fast, and shocking.  His name was Joe, and he was my favorite GI Joe.  I miss him all the time.  But I'm still living, and am thankful to God for that, and for a life well lived by my father.  You can check out a blog post I wrote about it right here.

So...when will Invictus come back?  I don't know yet, but I've got the itch to get the story told, so I hope soon.  Thanks again for all who continue to check in.  I'll be having a birthday in June, and I already know what I'm getting...you might see a certain Soviet team invade my Joe universe.  Maybe...

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