2014 - A Few Words, and Then Drinks.

So...2014.  Ran my first 5K with Shandree. Then ran another, because why not? Said goodbye to the house I grew up in, because mom had to move.  Then she had to move again. :-/ Played a lot of shows, and opened for Weezer! But failed to write anything of substance. Had some great internet conversations.

Had some moments of absolute panic and existential dread.  Removed a chunk of skin from my back.  Turned 40.  Probably unrelated.

I realized (As I do every year) that I worry too much, and act too little.  Dreaming is great if it leads to doing, so I resolve to dream and do, in close-to equal measure. I resolve to play well, and enjoy the chances I get, while abstaining from lamenting on the chances I don't. I resolve to be an actual friend, rather than an internet friend, which feeds into my desire to leave FB behind. I resolve to make a concerted effort to be present.  To pay attention, and see needs, and try to fill them if I am able, God willing.

I will read more books.  I will read less rumor.  I will try to gossip less, and be forthright with all. I will work as if it's a gift, because it is. Basically, grow up.

I will draw pictures of giant robots and cowboys and airplanes and monsters.  I will play drums with my son, and games with my daughter, and everything in between.  I will not take myself so seriously. Basically, stay young.

And all these intentions mean nothing if I don't have love.  So I will pray that God fills me with love, and washes out judgement and vindictiveness and prejudice.  I aim to love as I have been loved. Not just in words and wishes.  How do I do that?  We'll see.

So Happy New Year, friends.  May you live and love.  I hope we see each other soon. Nothing changes tonight that can't change anytime, but I like the thought of a clean slate.  Or at least, renewed enthusiasm.  Peace and Grace, friends.

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