More Fun Stuff - Imperial Chronicles Star Wars Fan Fiction

Yeah, yeah - I know. "Fan Fiction" brings to mind ridiculous visions of silly romance pulp, usually involving awful pairings and/or weird fetishes. Or, it's just poorly written tripe that disembarks from the source material in ways that make little sense.

I can't judge the writing quality, but I can communicate my intent - I wanted to tell a story in the Star Wars universe that is true to the spirit of Star Wars, while exploring a side that has not been delved into as prolifically - The Imperial forces.

Set between the end of the Clone Wars and Return of the Jedi, Imperial Chronicles follows Star Destroyer The Absolute and her crew as they attempt to maintain law and order on the Outer Rim of a war-torn galaxy. The first post is up, with new story posts every Saturday. Like the pulp that inspired it, Imperial Chronicles will  deliver short, action packed episodes in serial form. So if you are so inclined, please do read and share.


PS - As for GI Joe - There is more to come! The story I started in Invictus will be completed, but I find it necessary to take a step back and tell the story of Colonel Korso. More on that soon!

Thanks for reading!

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