Comic Con Cometh! Also - New Music!

I picked up 50 copies of my Comic Con Fan Comic today!  It's pretty cool to have them in hand, and I look forward to giving them out to a select few.  This is all a trial, of course, for a fully original comic project I'm working on - Still in the planning stages, but getting something actually finished and printed makes the project seem attainable.

As well, I am pleased to post that my new band, Cotton the Machine, is on the verge of finally trying to break in to the SD music scene.  We've been toiling away in my garage for over a year, refining our sound, and learning to work together.  We all are itching to play, so stay tuned here for show dates, or join us on Facebook:  Cotton the Machine on FB

Finally, Geezer is going to rap your socks off this Saturday the 14th at the Ruby Room with MC Frontalot and others.  Come in costume and get there early - we go on close to 9.  Here is the flyer!

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