Dio-Comic- GI Joe: Invictus

The link below leads to my ongoing dio-story, which I am currently posting at Flickr.  As new pages go up, I will update this site accordingly, but feel free to bookmark the link and check there regularly.  For SDCC, I printed 50 limited edition issues of pages 1-12, and I hope some folks from the Con came to the site because of that.  I intend to update a page a week, so keep checking back and let me know what you think!

Click away...
Yo Joe!

Also, I don't know if folks realize, but I am posting new pages here (on the main page) as they come out, as well as updates on my other creative projects, so please have a look and bookmark accordingly, if you haven't already.


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    1. Thanks very much! I will put up new pages on Fridays or Saturdays, plus other updates as they happen, so check back soon.

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