Comic Con is over - Invictus has just begun!

Comic Con was a great time this year.  I handed out a little over half of the 50 LE print-runs of Invictus to some of my favorite GI Joe creators, including Larry Hama, Dwight Stall at Hasbro  (Yes, the same Dwight Stall who named Barrel Roll after himself!); And Herb Trimpe, who was exceptionally generous and shared ideas with me like we were old chums.  That was an extreme pleasure, and I hope to see him again at Con or online. 

In fact, everyone I got to meet and interact with was awesome and generous, and I hope I have something to offer again next year, as it really enhanced my Con experience.

So, now that Comic Con is over, I will get back to Invictus pages.  Look for the next one by next Friday.  I will likely publish a new page each week, and I'll announce it here, so come back and check regularly.  Also, I'm working on a completely different piece of fiction that I will hopefully have a preview of in the next couple weeks.  It's a prose story in a fantasy setting, the working title of which  is "Trials of a King".  I am thinking about posting it up on Deviant Art once I've got some editing done.

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